Yours with love and flowers

Floral epistolary action, 2023.

The artist creates floral bouquets for each guest at his fiftieth birthday party.

The flowers are packaged in wrapping paper designed by the artist, each with a screenprinted letter in the artist’s handwriting, reflecting on the importance of friendship at the half-century of his life.

The letter is composed in French and English, with passages left blank, allowing the artist to fill in by hand unique details about individual friendships with his guests.

At his birthday party held at the Maison Mirabilē flower shop in Paris, the artist created bouquets of celosia, gladiola, dahlias, and cosmos for each of his guests. He recited the individual letters, then wrapped the flowers in the letter as an offering.

Each guest was also given a boutonnière upon arrival, extending the gathering’s culture of floral gift giving.

The wrapping paper was printed at Paris Print Club by Tristan Pernet.

Photos by Léa Guintrand