Research process involving dancers, botanical material, and non-botanical material, 2020. 

Evolving out of an existing practice of experimental floral arrangements, Nemer has undertaken a research process into the creation of  large scale, time-based floral compositions involving performers.

The first series of studies began through artistic dialogue and experimentation with dancer Stephen Thompson, where the two explored methodologies for expanding Nemer’s floral aesthetics to involve human bodies. 

The research took place at the Fondation Fiminco, where Nemerofsky is currently artist in residence. The process ended with an open rehearsal attended by fellow residents and staff of the Fondation.

Videos of the process have been edited into a series of “Études”, three of which were featured by Grand Union, Birmingham in a special web-based presentation. 

The Études are accompanied by a text by curator Seán Elder, who is following the process and dialoguing with Nemer with plans for a live staging of the resulting work in Birmingham in 2021. 

The research process with Thompson continued in the winter of 2021, expanding the methods and aesthetics with the participation of dancer Fabrice Ramalingom and flautist Alexis Morel

Photos by Lila Neutre and Matt Frenot.