The Sex Was Over

Performance for video projection, narration, and live dancer, 2014.
“The race of men who occupied this corner of the club belonged to a unique moment in time: men who had come from every corner of the continent, across the Atlantic, from Israel and Lebanon and Australia, each one hoping to participate in a sexual ethos that was fast slipping away. They came not only for sex, but to be sexy.”

An excerpt from a larger piece of writing, The Sex Was Over tells the story of a magical moment at a Berlin nightclub, in which a man's dancing initiates the rewinding of time and the reshaping of the cityscape.

A voice recounts the story as an electronica track by Moderat builds in the background. A dancer emerges from the audience and moves in the darkness as the story's narrative is projected sentence-by-sentence above him.

The Sex Was Over was first presented at the launch of artist Shaan Syed's The Andrew Project book at Galerie Michael Janssen, Berlin, and featured dancer and choreographer Jeremy Wade. A second iteration features curator Derrick Chang performing at Viva, Vancouver. Nemer performed the dancing role at the Glasgow Centre for Contemporary Art in 2017. 

Critical writing about the première of The Sex Was Over includes “Notes on a Toronto/Berlin State of Mind”, an essay by Sholem Krishtalka for Canadian Art magazine.