The Rosa Song 

Video and community project, 2011. German with English subtitles.
12 minutes. 

“The danger is that we’ll end up so jaded that we’ll only be able to judge others by their bodies, and we’ll be the ones who eventually suffer from the standards we set, because we’ll be lonely and lacking in love.” 

Forty years after the release of Rosa von Praunheim's ground-breaking 1971 film It is not the homosexual who is perverse, rather the situation in which he lives, a group of men assemble to review, rewrite and restage its legendary final scene.

The Rosa Song combines dialogue from the original with challenging new ideas about gay male life in Germany and internationally, concluding with a musical manifesto that breathes new life into the 1970s classic.

The video was co-produced by the Hamburg International Queer Film Festival, and involved the participation and performance by Ming-Han Lee, Missy Lopes, Stefan Mildenburger, Guido A. Mueller, Evan Romero, Julian E. Schnorr, and Gerd-Lukas Storzer. The project was funded by the Hannchen Mehrzweck Stiftung.

Critical writing about The Rosa Song includes, “Schwule und queere Visionäre. Zwei Filme von Rosa v. Praunheim und Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay” by Simon Schultz von Dratzig in conversation with Andreas Pretzel und Volker Weiss in the 2012 book, Rosa Radikale. Die Schwulenbewegung der 1970er Jahre.