The Nightbird 

Audio, silverleaf, industrial megaphone, vinyl. 10 minute loop on irregular intervals. 2015.

Inspired by Louise Lawler's iconic sound piece Bird Calls, the artist sings as bird song the names of an evolving list of gay male artists lost or otherwise out of reach, either because of barriers caused by art world celebrity, or because they belong to a generation of artists who died of AIDS. From Felix Gonzales-Torres to David Wojnarowicz, from General Idea to Hervé Guibert, the calls form a lamentation for an ever-elusive sense of community and mentorship.

The artist's song is broadcast from a gilded megaphone, ideally installed in a tree. A handwritten list of the artists' names appears on a gallery wall in silver vinyl, as though publicising the participants of a speculative group exhibition.

Critical writing about The Nightbird includes, “Une Autre Voix,” a review by Lisa Moravec in Springerin Magazine, 2017.