The Last Song 

Video Installation, 2014.

A singer's voice breaks during a performance of a Vivaldi aria, transforming from the commanding voice of a baritone to the fragile voice of a boy soprano.

The video features a performance by José Navas, who interprets a blending of the voices of baritone Arnout Lems and boy soprano Jakob Buschermöhle of the Berlin State Opera Children's Choir, coached by Vincenz Weissenburger. The audio recording involved Ophira Zakai on theorbo and Inken Ewertsen on cello. Sound design by Johannes Malfatti.
The Last Song premièred in the 2016 solo exhibition Une Autre Voix at the Tiroler Kunstpavillon, where it was projected alongside the paravent that appears in the video. In 2019, it was exhibited at LifeSpace, Dundee,  accompanied by a floral arrangement and vinyl lettering quoting philosopher Paul B. Preciado’s essay Une Autre Voix, about his testosterone-induced voice change.