She Arranges

Video, movement research in collaboration with August Klintberg and Stephen Thompson, 2024.

Emerging out of Nemer and August Klintberg’s ongoing research into the life and work of potter Rosalie Namer (1925-2006), She Arranges is a multichannel video work in which the artists handle, arrange, and rearrange sixty pieces of Namer’s pottery. The movement research was led by dancer Stephen Thompson, resulting in a series of improvisations that were filmed at the Atelier Eiffel in Paris in 2023.  

The focus of the movement score and film project is the haptic and sculptural qualities of Namer’s pottery, as well as the bonds of kinship forged between the artists and Rosalie Namer herself. The goal was for the pottery to be the protagonist, for Namer to be the one  guiding the arranging of the pottery and the artists’ bodies. She Arranges is currently in postproduction, and will première in October 2024 at the Musée Rosalie Namer exhibition at AKA Gallery in Saskatoon, and Ceramic Friends : Façonner l’Intimité at the McClure Gallery in Westmount, both in Canada. She Arranges is financially supported by the Canada Council for the Arts.