Installation for audio in German and English, metal music stands, gouache and ink on paper, neoprene, 2016.
“What is this voice? Is it the water alone, or the voice of everything that it contains? It is the seaweed? The fish? Does every being in the water’s corpus contribute to the sound it produces? The body housed within the water’s arms no longer has breath with which to make sound, so the water becomes its voice.

The artist seeks out the mysterious sound of the water where someone has recently drowned. The piece turns to fragments of music by Claude Debussy and Alban Berg interpreted by recorder player Anna Fusek, and ponders the undulating contours of musical trills.

A suggestive environment of paintings and suspended textile sculptures offers an environment for the listener's reflections.

Noyades was commissioned by the Tiroler Kunstpavillon, Innsbruck and premièred at the 2016 exhibition Une Autre Voix. Critical writing about Noyades includes, “Une Autre Voix,” a review by Lisa Moravec in Springerin Magazine, 2017.