Lettres Parisiennes

Audio letters, since 2021.
An ongoing suite of audio letters that emerge from Nemer’s research into the dispersed postcard collection of French photographer and writer Hervé Guibert (1955-1991), part of a larger series of artistic gestures entitled Quelques Corps Favorables

The audio letters are addressed to Guibert as well as contributors to Nemer’s postcard research. Some narrate the artistic and affective unfolding of the project, others respond to the epistolary material sent to him by friends. Each narrative seek to trace transhistorical links between the aesthetics and affects of Guibert’s Parisian life and relations in the 1970s and 80s and those of Nemer in the twenty-first-century.

Lettres Parisiennes were first exhibited at the Chaufferie in Romainville, France accompanied by floral-epistolary still life photographs. For an exhibition at the Ystads Konstmuseum in 2022, an audio letters addressed to artist Conny Karlsson Lundgren was exhibited with an accompanying wall arrangement of forty-five postcards. An exhibition of audio letters, postcard arrangements, and floral arrangements issuing from Nemer’s research is scheduled for April 2025 at Convent, Ghent.
Lettres Parisiennes features narration by Nemer, Simon Ascencio, Alexis Morel, Fatkur Rokhim, Conny Karlsson Lundgren, Russell Perkins, and Eli Levén, and flute composition and performance by Alexis Morel.