L’humidité le Préserve

Narrated audio walk for a garden, 2017.

Originally commissioned by Antonija Livingstone for Extension Sauvage at the Chateau de La Ballue, France, this audio walk is designed for an encounter in any garden or green space. An introductory description of the properties of the garden are interrupted by a brief, passing rainstorm, which changes the narrator’s script from didactic to sensualist. 

A narrated soundtrack and music by Jon Tiburzi invites auditors to tune into the multisensory polyphonies of the garden, and to participate in the scenography of the botanical world around them. Auditors are asked to listen to the sound of a passing slug, to touch their tongues as a way of tracing a link between its humid body and the moistures and fluidities of their own bodies.

A screen printed livret depicting the trails left by slugs and snails accompanies the audio walk.