Cruising Adrian’s Library 

Participatory action, curatorial gesture, 2018.

“Touch this book and let it touch you. Press a finger against its spine. If you feel the book is willing – if the book appears to be as interested in you as you are in it – pull it down from the shelf and into your hands. Finger its pages.”

In response to an invitation to guest curate London literary salon Naked Boys Reading, Nemer created a navigational score of the private library of writer Adrian Rifkin and his partner Dénis Echard.

The scores were distributed at a party in Rifkin and Echard's garden, and led guests to the library, instructing them to tune into its affective dimensions, to select a book based on the title's erotic promise, and to transcribe a short passage from within its pages.

The literary salon took the form of a durational performance installation shortly thereafter at LUX Moving Image, and involved each garden party guest reading his selected text in various spots throughout the venue.