Colin is my real name 

Video, sound, mirror, text, 2013

Nemer revisits Canadian video artist Colin Campbell’s canonical 1972 True/False, which features Campbell alternately affirming and negating delicate statements about his identity and private life. Initially intended as a remake, the video instead summons Campbell’s voice to speak once more in a fragile, reversed palimpsest.

The video material for Colin is my real name was filmed at Mount Allison University, where True/False was originally produced. The video is exhibited with Colin Campbell's original, accompanied by a rotating mirror and a vinyl wall text based on the script of both videos.

Colin is my real name premièred as an installation at the Per Speculum Video exhibition at the Frankfurter Kunstverein. The Owens Gallery produced a small publication to accompany Colin is my real name, for which Nemer wrote a  reflective text on the project.