A Letter to the Man Who

Cruising and epistolary action, 2015, 2018.
“The letter is written to the man who first taught me to experience sexual pleasure twenty-five years ago. It tells of how memories of our affair shape who I am today: sexually, amorously, artistically. I want to send it to him, but don’t know where to find him. His whereabouts elude me. I would like to give the letter to you instead. I shall wait for you in Hampstead Heath on Friday, May 11, behind Jack Straw’s Castle, shortly before midnight. If our cruising paths bring us together, I will hand you the letter.” 

The artist transcribes a love letter from his personal collection, which he distributes to strangers he encounters in cruising areas at an appointed hour.

The action is publicised throughout the neighbourhood with a screen-printed poster detailing the history of the letter and its intended recipient, signalling the time and location of the cruising action.

The first iteration of A Letter to the Man Who was staged in Riga in 2015, as part of the exhibition Slash: Between the Normative and Fantasy at kim? Contemporary Art Centre. Participants were invited to meet the artist at dusk in the Rainis Park, which formerly served as the city’s gay cruising area.

The subsequent iteration was hosted by LUX Moving image to coincide with Cruising Adrian’s Library. Participants were invited to meet the artist in London’s Hampstead Heath for the cruising letter exchange.