Navigational score, epistolary action, 2018.

“Think of someone to accompany you in the library. It can be a friend or a relative, someone living or dead, someone who you would like to know or even a stranger. It can be someone with whom you share a feminist identification, or someone you feel has a blocked concept of what feminism promised. Bring this person along with you as you navigate the library.” 

A score of navigational instructions that lead participants through a series of sensory and affective encounters with the RoSa library for the study of feminism and gender in Brussels.

The score asks participants to imagine being accompanied by someone in the library, to seek out a passage of text to share with that person, to speak the text aloud in the library, and to transcribe the text in the form of a personal letter addressed to that person.

Regards was produced in the context of a research residency at Q-O2 funded by Interfaces, and was launched as an event in which a group of participants enacted the score at the same time. The score was produced in English, Dutch, and French.

Photos by Bastien Pourtout