I imagine you are someone else

Performance, 2009.

I wait for you in the dark. I cannot be sure that you will come, yet I have somehow convinced myself that you cannot resist seeing me one last time. I have prepared a song for you. It is our song, of course, although until now I never knew all the words. My heart races each time the door opens, imagining that this time, it is you in the dark with me. At first there is a shiver in my voice, but eventually I relax into the song, into the disappointment of realizing that once again, it is not you. With each new lyric I think to myself I WILL NEVER DO THIS AGAIN, yet over and over I cannot help hoping that the next person who opens the door will be you 

A cabinet stands in the middle of Bordeaux's Place des Quinconces, into which spectators are invited to enter one at a time. Nemer whispers a fatal French love song to each person who joins him in the darkness of the cabinet, until the secret woven into the performance's title is revealed.

Commissioned by Jared Gradinger for the Grand Traversées Festival, Bordeaux