I Hereby Declare

Screen print on newsprint, variable dimensions, 2011. 

“I expressly declare that I will not in principle take offence to works of art and literature — in particular to unveiled representations of the human body — which are perhaps suited to violating the feeling of shame of so-called normal people.”

Text transcribed from a waiver signed by subscribers to Der Eigene (1896-1932), the first gay periodical in the world. To circumvent German obscenity law of the time, subscribers signed a promise to not be offended by the magazine's contents.

I Hereby Declare was originally produced to accompany the video The Legacy for the PopSex! exhibition at the Illingworth Kerr Gallery, Calgary, Canada in 2011. An ink on glassine version was produced as an artist page for D-L Alvarez’s No.2 zine (pictured above).